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EMU Products: NEW Prim Details Teller

We have a new product the Script Prim Details Teller!


The script can be inserted in any prim and prints out informations about the prim:

  • general Data:
    • Name, Description,
    • Keys (Owner, last Owner, Group, Creator, Prim),
    • Permissions (Owner, anyone, Group, next Owner),
    • Pathfinding features
  • Object Data:
    • Physic, Temp, Phantom,
    • Size, Position and Rotation,
    • Typ and cutting incl. Hollow, Twist, etc.,
  • Features:
    • FlexiblePrim incl. Softness, Friction, etc.,
    • Light incl. Color, Intensity, etc.,
    • Material
    • Gravity, Restitution, Friction, Density,
  • Textur Features:
    • Color, Alpha, Glow,
    • Texturkex, Scale, Rotation, Offset,
    • Alpha-Mode, Mapping
  • Data about the content:
    • Number of items
    • Number of Scripts, Script Memory and Script Time,
  • Informationen about Mesh:
    • Feature Mesh,
    • Landimpact, Costs (Server-, Streaming, etc.),
    • Bounding Box
  • Informationen about linked Prims:
    • Number of linked Prims,
    • Linknumber,
  • Informationen About Energy:
    • Velocity,
    • Rotational speed, Torque,
    • Acceleration, Energy,
  • Misc:
    • Key of the Rezer,
    • Hovertetxt,
    • Mass,
    • Number of Sides


Here you can buy the Script:

Script on theĀ  Marketplace

Script in SL


EMU Systems: NEW Visitor Script Statistic Board Simple

We have a new product the Visitor Script Statistic Board Simple!


  • Shows Visitors, the number of scripts and used memory
  • Can show user names or display names
  • List is sortable by number of scripts or used memory
  • Posibility to make visitors appear red, orange or green depending on number of scripts and memory
  • Shows 8 visitors at a time, if there are more the Board will switch to the next page (time for switching can be configured)
  • scanning is variable (parcel, sim, limited range)
  • language and instructions in german and english
  • updates free for life

Here you can buy the Visitor Script Statistic Board:

Visitor Script Statistic Board on theĀ  Marketplace

Visitor Script Statistic Board in SL

Visitor Script Statistic Simple