You can find us here:

First in Second Life at our Sim Gartenstadt:

EMU at Gartenstadt

And second you will find all our products on the second life marketplace:

EMU at the Second Life Marketplace

And this is what we do:

We build all products we want to. 🙂

In more detail we have to lines:

  1. EMU Systems (Solutions for your Business)
  2. EMU Products (Products for everyone)

It all began with a few wells and the idea to make a Multi-Love-Hud, with which you can have fun but which has much more functions. First we made products for living in SL, like love rgus, wells and plants or pictures. As we began to expand we noticed that we needed solutions to present our creations. After searching a lot we decided to build our own vendors.

At the moment our product lines imply:

EMU Products:

  • Art: Pictures, Frames, Photosudio, Easel
  • Decoration: Candles, Clocks, Watercolumns, Bowls, Rugs
  • Buildings: Houses and Shops
  • Furniture: Chimneys, Love Rugs, Lounges, Livingroom sets
  • Outdoor: Plants, Wells, Butterflies, Parkbench, Grill
  • Textures and Templates
  • Huds: Multi-Love-Hud and Rezdayreminder
  • Other: Skylift

EMU Systems:

  • Vendors: Single, Multi, 3D, Holovendors, Gesturevendors
  • Rental : Rental andAdvertising
  • Shopsystems: Shopgreeter, Kiosk, Onlineboard
  • Security: Orb
  • For Builder: Rez-Box, Temprezzer, Scripts
  • Teleporter: simwide  or gridwide

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