EMU Systems: NEW Subscriber Kiosk

We have two new Subscriber Kiosk for you, both in versions with and without member limit for a subscriber group.

By buying the <EMU> Subscriber Kiosk you automaticly got a subscriber group (with member limit of 1000 or infinite) and 15 Buttons per group. In addition you have the following functions.

Functions of the <EMU> Subscriber Server:

  • Subscriber Gruppen:
    • set up a new Subscriber Group (Name, Welcome message and -sound, Welcome gift, Joining price, Leaving Message and -sound, Textures)
    • invite new members or Admins in the Group
    • expulse members or admins from the group
    • Warning shorty before the member limit will be reached and when the limit is reached
    • define Admins, who can use the server
    • show informations for existing Subscriber Groups
    • Send Messages and Objects to Group Members
    • Clear Subscriber Groups (remove all members or all admins, remove group)
  • Buttons:
    • create Buttons, which will be shown on the Kiosk (Name, Type [f.e. give something], Textur)
    • show informations for existing Buttons
    • remove Buttons

Functions of the <EMU> Subscriber Kisok:

  • Buttons:
    • assign Buttons to the Kiosk
    • make not used Buttons invisible
  • Subscriber Groups:
    • Visitors can join and leave the group
    • view old messages and get objects
    • Warning shorty before the member limit will be reached and when the limit is reached
  • set up Banner textures and animate it

More Functions:

  • Increase member limit of existing groups (not for free)
  • Buy new Subscriber Groups (not for free)


You can buy the kiosk here:

Kiosk on the Marketplace

Kiosk in SL

kiosk-stand-limit kiosk-stand-ohne-limit kiosk-carbon-limit kiosk-carbon-ohne-limit

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