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EMU Products: NEW Online HUD

We have a new product the Online HUD


  • shows the online status off up to 80 Avatars
  • always shows the real online status, even if it is hidden
  • keeps track of the online status of friends, business parterns or enemys
  • adjustable: plays a sound if someone comes online or goes offline
  • adjustable: sends a message to the owner if someone comes online or goes offline
  • number of shown avatar is adjustable in the menu
  • easy configuration via Notecard
  • works in no script areas (if worn before)
  • Language in english and german

Here you can buy the HUD:

HUD on theĀ  Marketplace



EMU Products: NEW Mail- and Postboxes

We have four new products for you:

  1. American Mailbox
  2. British Postbox blue
  3. British Postbox yellow
  4. German Letterbox

This are the functions:

  • Everyone can leave you Notecard, Landmarks or other objects (he get a message, if something was left sucessfully)
  • If wanted the owner get a message every time something is left
  • Security measure: Script will be deactivated as soon as they are inserted into the box, so noone can hack the box
  • A hovertext can be set up above the box (color is configurable)
  • The Owner can request the stuff in the box and/or remove it
  • Shows the name or displayname of the Owner
  • Shows the online status of the Owner
  • Language in english and german


You can buy them here:

On the Marketplace


american-mailbox british-postbox-bluebritish-postbox-yellowgerman-letterbox


EMU Products: NEW Backgroundtextures

We have some new backgroundtextures for you, you can use them in our Photostudio Plus:







You can buy them here:

Backgrounds on the Marketplace

Backgrounds in SL