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EMU Systems: NEW Message Board Simple (Big, Medium und Small)

We have a new product the Message Board Simple in three sizes!


  • changes texts
  • easy configuration via notecard
  • the text can have different looks per line:
    • 11 predefinded colors, plus add your own
    • orientation center, left or right
    • blinking text
    • fixed lines which will always appear (f.e. for headings, not in the Message Board Small)
    • waiting time until the next line appears
  • all Boards on a sim can be controlled from a master board
  • text can appear from left to right, from right to left or just at ones
  • background pictures are possible
  • updates free for life
  • language and instructions in german and english

Here you can buy the board:

Board on theĀ  Marketplace

Board in SL

EMU Message Board Simple Big






EMU Message Board Simple Medium






EMU Message Board Simple Small


EMU Products: NEW Ambos single with 4 single animations and one with 7 couple animations

Our newest products are two ambos:

  1. one for a blacksmith with 4 single animations
  2. one for a blacksmith and a slave for roleplay with 7 couple animations


  • Ambos with four Single Animations or 7 couple animations
  • hammer and sword included
  • adjust the animations
  • block the menu
  • witch Sound on or off
  • updates free for life
  • language of the printouts and the menu of the safe can be set to german or english

You can buy them here:

Ambos on the Marketplace

Ambos in SL

Blacksmith Ambos  Single






Blacksmith Ambos Couple