EMU Products: UPDATE of 3D- and holovendors

We have an update of our 3D-Vendors and holovendors. Every customer who already bought one of these vendors will get an update. Just click on update in the menu.

New features / Changes:

  • integrated “buy as gift” function
  • integrated “help” function for the user (message to the owner or gives out an NC)
  • can be filled with max. 200 products
  • integrated menu “About us” with LM and News
  • can gives out Infos and Demos for each product if wanted
  • can send a message to the owner after each sale
  • integrated a function to give a rabatt to group members
  • integrated a Demo_mode in which products can only be shown not sold
  • switch hovertext on or off
  • vendor can now sell products which are no copy for the owner
  • Bug corrected: Mesh 3D-Objects will no longer be rezzed twice
  • Bug corrected: 3D-Objects will always disapear if you reset the vendor
  • Bug corrected: vendors rezes next to each other will not longer interfear
  • Bug corrected: the error “product “name” is missing”  will no longer appear

In addition you can buy it on the marketplace: Holo and 3D Vendors on the Marketpalce

Or in Second Life: Holo and 3D Vendors in Sl


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