EMU Systems: NEW Skriptset – Bad Word Detector and Lockpicking Functions

We created two new scriptsets for builders:

  1. Build your onw “Bad word detector”
  2. Build your own safe/chest/door with the function that the lock can be picked

1. Functions of the scriptset for the Bad Word Detector:

  • the detector scanns the local chat for “bad words” and reacts with a sound and a printout
  • define your own bad words and decide if your customers should be allowed to adjust this list
  • defiine which sound should be played, if a bad word is detected
  • decide what your bad word detector looks like

You can buy the scriptset here:

Skriptset for the bad Word Detector on the Marketplace

Skriptset for the  bad Word Detector in SL

bad word detector for builders V2

1. Functions of the scriptset for the Lockpicking objects:

  • Allows certain people to always open the lock and get something out of it (Owner, group, all, Persons from a list)
  • Allows others to pick the lock (switch on or off)
  • configure the time how long it takes to pick the lock and the probability of sucess
  • if wanted: block the lock after a sucessfull lockpicking for everyone or just the last thief
  • define if the avatar who tries to open the prodcut / pick the lock muss be in a certain range
  • define if a prim of your product should be opend and closed, which prim and to which positions and rotations
  • define if you want the product to automaticly close after a certain time
  • if wanted: shows a statustext over the lock while lockpicking
  • define how often a thief can sucessfully lockpick the lock (number or endless)
  • plays a lockpicking animation if wanted
  • switch sound on or off and configure three sounds (Lockpicking, close and open)
  • send an IM to the owner (switch on or off) when the lock is lockpicked and define the text of the IM
  • Messages and Menutext can be configured
  • if wanted: give out either all items in the product or one per random or or the next in line

You can buy the scriptset here:

Skriptset for the Lockpicking Marketplace

Skriptset for the Lockpicking in SL

Lockpicking for builders


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