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EMU Products: NEW Old Chest with lockpicking

We have build a chest with lockpicking for your RP or other needs


  • Allows certain people to always open the chest and get something out of it: Owner – group – all – Persons from a list
  • Allows others to pick the lock of the chest (switch on or off)
  • give out either all items in the chest, one per random or the next in line
  • define if you want the chest to automaticly close after a certain time
  • define if the avatar who tries to open the chest / pick the lock muss be in a certain range of the chest
  • configure the time how long it takes to pick the lock and the probability of sucess
  • if wanted: shows a statustext over the chest while lockpicking
  • if wanted: block the chest after a sucessfull lockpicking for everyone or just the last thief
  • define how often a thief can sucessfully lockpick the chest (number or endless)
  • plays a lockpicking animation
  • switch sound on or off
  • send an IM to the owner (switch on or off) when the chest is lockpicked and define the text of the IM
  • language of the printouts and the menu of the chest can be set to german or english

You can buy them here:

Old Chest on the Marketplace

Old Chest in SL

old chest MC