Monthly Archives: March 2013

EMU Products: NEW Auction vendor

We have a new product, a vendor to auction off your products. Some of the features:

  • auctions off one product at a time
  • if wanted: shows the highest bidder above the vendor
  • if wanted: gives out an info notecard for the product
  • if wanted: automaticly restart the auction
  • possibility to notify the 60 last bidders automaticly
  • prints out the last 60 bidders by menu
  • ending, extending or restarting an auction by menu
  • language in german and english









You can buy them here: Auction vendor on the Marketplace

And here: Auction vendor in SL

EMU Products: NEW Backgroundtextures

We have a new product.a Mesh picture wall to build yourself for 169L$. Each part has only a landimpact of 1, the pieces can be set together as you want:

  • 100% Mesh Template
  • Script to change the pictures included (no mod)
  • 10 different types of frames
  • 4 to8 faces per piece

Here you can buy it on the marketplace: Mesh Bilderwand on the Marketplace

And here in Second Life: Mesh Bilderwand in Sl

mesh picturewall

EMU Products: UPDATE of 3D- and holovendors

We have an update of our 3D- and holovendors to correct little bugs. Every customer who already bought one of these vendors will get an update. Just click on update in the menu.