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EMU Promos and Freebie of the week: Estoria Table and candle vase


this week for you:

  • Table Estoria (1L$)
  • red candle vase (0L$)
  • NEW: Texturorganizer simple with 20% Rabatt (159L$)
  • NEW: Posestand for females (25 L$)
  • PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Rezdayreminder Calendar and HUD with 50% off (75L$)
  • Promos with up to 75% off

Have a look:

Promos and Freebie of the week in SL

EMU Products: NEW Posestands for male, female and couples

Now they are finished, three posestands one for male, one for female and one for couples. We will sell them at a beginning price of 25L$ for the simpkle ones and 50L$ for the couple stand. So get them now!

Here you can buy them on the marketpalce

Posestands on the Marketplace

And here you can buy them in Second Life:

Posestands in Sl






Wat do we do next? To be honest i am not quiet sure. There are still a few vendors waiting for an update, the scripts for a lighsystems for builders need finishing and another rentalsystem is waiting. Well i think one of thoose is next :-).


Next by EMU: Posestands

At the moment we are working on a lot of things, one of them are simple posestands for men, women and couples.

Have a first at the poses included:


EMU Systems: NEW Texturorganiser Simple

Yaay, our first textur organizer is finished. Really nice if you can never find the textur you are looking for in your inventar.

The functions in detail:

  • shows 16 full perm textures
  • textures can be displayed normal, stretched or tiled
  • copy single textures or all
  • remove single textures or all
  • print outs the UUID of the texture
  • displays the name of the texture
  • menu and manual in german and english
  • permission to use the organizer can be set to owner, group or all

The Organiser has only one script and free updates for life!

Have a look:






You can buy it in Sl

EMU Texturorganizer Simple in SL

or on the marketplace

EMU Texturorganizer Simple on the Marketplace

If you have any questuions justĀ  IM me, Ping or Betti