Next in EMU: Update of the 3D-Vendors

In our EMU Systems line we have a lot of 3D-vendors, which can rez the product as an example:

3D-vendors on the marketplace

At the moment we are currently working on this vendors, are reducing prims and update the scripts, so rotation will be much more easy. In additin we are making a mesh version with much less prims.

Our customers which already have bought a 3D-Vendor will get a free update, as soon as we are finished. You will get informed in your Sl groups or right here. 🙂

To give you a little inside at the example of the 3D-Vendors Podium with 12 previews:


  • Prims: 14
  • Scripts: 2
  • can contain up to 40 products


  • Prims normal version: 13
  • Prims Mesh Version: 6
  • can contain up to 50 products

More new features:

  • Update-Button in the menu
  • Color of the vendor is easy to change
  • the rotation can be saved for each item in the menu
  • new very much cooler EMU Logo

So much for that, i will now keep on working to get this one ready.

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