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Next in EMU: Texturorganizer Simple

Next we are building a textur organizer, have a look:

The Organizer itself is ready, the picture is taken, if only someone could write that manual. 😉

EMU Systems: UPDATE of the 3D Vendors

yaaay, at last they are finshed. We updatet all our 3D vendors and gave them a new design with less prims. Our 3D Vendors rez the product as an example.

What is new:

  • easier to set up the right rotation
  • update-Button, so you can alway check for new updates
  • including a new mesh version with much less prims
  • can hold 50 products

You can get this update for free if you already bought one of the following vendors:

  1. 3D vendor Podium
  2. 3D Vendor
  3. 3D Vendor Stand
  4. 3D Vendor Stand

You can also buy them on the Marketpalce:

3D Vendors on the Marketplace

Have a look:

Next in EMU: Update of the 3D-Vendors

In our EMU Systems line we have a lot of 3D-vendors, which can rez the product as an example:

3D-vendors on the marketplace

At the moment we are currently working on this vendors, are reducing prims and update the scripts, so rotation will be much more easy. In additin we are making a mesh version with much less prims.

Our customers which already have bought a 3D-Vendor will get a free update, as soon as we are finished. You will get informed in your Sl groups or right here. 🙂

To give you a little inside at the example of the 3D-Vendors Podium with 12 previews:


  • Prims: 14
  • Scripts: 2
  • can contain up to 40 products


  • Prims normal version: 13
  • Prims Mesh Version: 6
  • can contain up to 50 products

More new features:

  • Update-Button in the menu
  • Color of the vendor is easy to change
  • the rotation can be saved for each item in the menu
  • new very much cooler EMU Logo

So much for that, i will now keep on working to get this one ready.

Blog and twitter and facebook and and and what did i forget?

Now we are blogging. It is 2:44 AM in germany and i am at my computer blogging. That is a bit nutty, but this is a test, if this post makes it way to facebook and twitter.

Lets have a look, and if it works i will go to bed, i promise!

Edit: it works!! I will go to bed now, good night. 🙂

EMU – Who we are and what we do

Who are we?

We are the EMU Group. We sell products in Second life since 2009 and would like to present ourselves:

PingPong Bing


In Second Life since: 02.2007
Language: German
Assignments: Builder – Distribution– Marketing – Support



Nelli Bayn


In Second Life since: 07.2007
Language: German
Assignments: Scripting – Distribution–  Support



Betti Sauber


In Second Life since: 11.2009
Language: German
Assignments: Distribution– Marketing – Support



We get assistance from Largo Milena, she does everything whoch has to do with pictures and from Luis Toxx, he is building us a webside and he is the person for webprojects.

What do we do?

We build all products we want to. :-)

In more detail we have to lines:

  1. EMU Systems (Solutions for your Business)
  2. EMU Products (Products for everyone)

It all began with a few wells and the idea to make a Multi-Love-Hud, with which you can have fun but which has much more functions. First we made products for living in SL, like love rgus, wells and plants or pictures. As we began to expand we noticed that we needed solutions to present our creations. After searching a lot we decided to build our own vendors.

At the moment our product lines imply:

EMU Products:

  • Art: Pictures, Frames, Photosudio, Easel
  • Decoration: Candles, Clocks, Watercolumns, Bowls, Rugs
  • Buildings: Houses and Shops
  • Furniture: Chimneys, Love Rugs, Lounges, Livingroom sets
  • Outdoor: Plants, Wells, Butterflies, Parkbench, Grill
  • Textures and Templates
  • Huds: Multi-Love-Hud and Rezdayreminder
  • Other: Skylift

EMU Systems:

  • Vendors: Single, Multi, 3D, Holovendors, Gesturevendors
  • Rental : Rental andAdvertising
  • Shopsystems: Shopgreeter, Kiosk, Onlineboard
  • Security: Orb
  • For Builder: Rez-Box, Temprezzer, Scripts
  • Teleporter: simwide  or gridwide

What is that an EMU?

An EMU is an Australian cursorial bird. Emus are present in whole Australia except the cost of New South Wales and Tasmania. He can weigh up to 45kg and get as big as 1.90meters. Altough he has so much weight he can run as fast as 50km/h. Only walking backwards is a problem for it, so he like to go forward.

The cries of the male Emu during rutting season can be heard from 2 kilometers far away. Bredding the little ones is taks ot the males, the femals seem to have no time for that. To cut a long story short, an EMU is a agile, fast, big and strong animal, which survides in australia-

After we got the the idea to make systems for business we needed a name. It should be short and should have  a recognition value. We think the EMU is totally right for that.  We and our products are like it: agile, fast, big and strong. Always moving forward, never back!

You can find us here:

First in Second Life at our Sim Gartenstadt:

EMU at Gartenstadt

And second you will find all our products on the second life marketplace:

EMU at the Second Life Marketplace